Tuesday, 14 April 2020

An Opportunity To Bless Someone

We would like to give you an opportunity 
to bless someone

We have a lot of our books and CDs that we want to make available to anyone who would like one. They are our books or CDs of ministry that we have recorded in the last few years. What we are offering is to send a book or up to three CD's to anyone anywhere in the world who you think might be interested in reading or listening. 

Here is how it will work.

1)     Contact us by email trevorlinda226@gmail.com   

2)     Let us have the name and physical address where you would like us to send the book or CD.  

3)     Please also specify which book or CDs you would like to send. Make your selection from the titles below.

4)     If you would like to include a personal message, write that in the email and we will print it out and included it in the package for you.

5)     In each package we will include a note that says,

"A friend of yours has asked us to send you the enclosed book or CD. It is a gift to you and sent with love.  If you have no need of it please do not return it but pass it on to someone else. Best wishes Trevor and Linda Galpin."
6)     We will then package it up and send it as a gift to your friend. 

We will cover all the costs including packaging and postage. We are particularly eager for these to go to people or places who may not have access to download material from the internet or order things on line from one of the big Internet stores, or who may not be able to afford the books or CDs themselves.

Hope that all makes sense!

If you personally would like a book or CD them we are more than happy to send one to you for yourself on the same basis. Please don't be shy!