June 29th - 30th  Fatherheart Conference, Winchester, Hants, UK.
Contact: Edward Law. edward.law@me.com 

July 6th - 8th FH Meetings, Wermelskirchen, Germany.
Contact: Harald Von Tottleben.  familievt@googlemail.com.

July 15th - 21st FHM A School. Cloverly Hall. Shropshire, UK.
Contact:  Mark Gyde.   http://fhmaschool.uk

July 22nd - 28th  FHM A School.  Liverpool, UK.
Contact: Eric Chan.  ericlychan@outlook.com
This School will be translated into Mandarin and Cantonese

August 12th - 17th FHM B School for the Deaf, Jinja, Uganda.
Contact: Winette Hubregste. winettehubregtse@gmail.com

August 19th - 25th  FHM B School, Mto Moyoni, Jinja, Uganda.
Contact:  Winette Hubregste. winettehubregtse@gmail.com

Sept 7th - 8th Fatherheart Church Conference, Toulouse, France.
Contact: Frederic Cathignol. frederic.cathignol@gmail.com

Sept 22nd - 28th FHM B School, Brunnel Manor, Torquay, UK.
Contact: Mark Gyde.  http://fhmbschool.org.uk

October 2nd - 4th. Fatherheart Conference, Gainsville Georgia, USA
Contact: Chris Scott.  chrisscott@adventures.org

October 7th. Catch the Fire, Myrtle Beach S. Carolina, USA.
Contact: Mark and Jane Burlinson  mburlinson@catchthefire.com 

October 12th - 14th Fatherheart Conference, Albany, Georgia, USA.
Contact: Joanna Gurr.  jgurr83@gmail.com

October 19th - 24th Fatherheart Conference, Lahti, Finland.
Contact: Pekka Rimpelainen .  http://www.fhfinland.fi/events/tapahtumat-vasen  

October 27th - Nov 2nd. FHM A School, Lahti Finland.
Contact: Pekka Rimpelainen .  http://www.fhfinland.fi/events/tapahtumat-vasen

November 18th - Dec 1st INS  Great Barrier Island, New Zealand.


Jan 13th - 19th FHM A School, Christchurch, New Zealand
Contact: Jonathan Taylor jtaylor@omnimax.co.nz 

Feb 17th - 23rd FHM A School. Landenberg PA, USA.
Contact: Bob and Tam Mulrooney,  bobmul@udel.edu 

Feb 25th - March 1st. Catch the Fire School of Revival, Raleigh, N Carolina, USA.
Contact:  Murray Smith. murray.smith@catchthefire.com 

March 8th - 9th Fatherheart Conference.  Zeewolde Netherlands.
Contact: Winette Hubregtse: winettehubregtse@gmail.com 

March 10th - 16th FHM A School.  Gnadenthal, Wiesbaden, Germany.
Contact: Ulla Tenbuss  ulla.tenbuss@gmx.de

March 24th - 30th. FHM B School, Al in Hallingdal, Norway.
Contact: helge.svanaasen@al.fhs.no

April 5th - 7th Fatherheart Conference. Jubilee Church, Barcombe, Sussex, UK
Contact: David Dyer. david-dyer@outlook.com  

April 19th - 25th FHM A School. Toulouse, France.
Contact: Frederic Cathignol. frederic.cathignol@gmail.com

May 11th Fatherheart Conference. Wellspring Church, Southend on Sea, Essex. UK
Contact:  David Webster. webster.d@btinternet.com 

May 18th - 24th FHM A School. Timisoara, Romania.
Contact: Mark Ham.  meham@me.com