Feb 2nd - 8th. FHM A School,  Sydney, Australia.
Contact: Lynne Watt  fatherheartsydney@gmail.com

15th - 21st. FHM A School, Cloverley Hall, Shropshire, UK
Contact: Mark Gyde  https://www.fhmaschool.uk/

Feb 25th - 28th. Fatherheart Conference. Doncaster, UK.
Contact: Patrick Tsang  pkyt100@gmail.com 

March 6th - 12th. FHM A School. Flambacher Muhle, Harz, Germany 
Contact:  Julia von Tottleben. fhm.vaterherzschulen@gmail.com

March 13th - 15th. Fatherheart Conference.  Lausanne, Switzerland
Contact: Monique Roggo. monique.roggo@gmail.com

March 20th - 21st. Fatherheart Conference, Buffalo, NY. USA.
Contact: Jim Emser. ministry@stepintofreedom.org

March 22nd - 28th. FHM A School. Harrisburg, PA, USA.
Contact: Debbie Houde, howdydeb@charter.net

April 3rd - 4th. Fatherheart Conference, Washington, PA. USA.
Contact: Donna Lou Chapman. free4joy.10@gmail.com

April 20th - 25th. FHM A School for the Deaf. Beirut, Lebanon.
Contact: Gunnar Dehli  gunnar.dehli@gmail.com

April 30th - May 4th. FH Conference. Mykosyn, Poland.
Contact:  Mark Gyde.  mark.gyde@gmail.com

May 16th   FH Conference, St Mary's Slaugham, Staplefield, E. Sussex, UK.
Contact:  Lindsay Smith.  linz82.smith@gmail.com

May 30th. Fatherheart Day Tadley Connect. Basingstoke, UK.
Contact: Dina Hayward. dinahaywood@btinternet.com

July 26th - Aug 1st. FHM A School. Vallorbe, Switzerland.
Contact" Monique Roggo. monique.roggo@gmail.com

August 6th - 19th. FH Conferences Mto Moyoni, Njeru, Uganda.
Contact: Ingrid Wilts. ingridwilts@gmail.com

September 4th - 10th. FHM B School. Craheim, Stadtlauringen, Germany.
Contact: Julia von Tottleben. fhm.vaterherzschulen@gmail.com

September 19th - 25th. FHM B School. Torquay, UK.
Contact: Lyn Walker. fhmbschool.org.uk

October 12th - 16th.  FH Conference  Kjellerup. Denmark.
Contact:  Gert Langvad.  familien.langvad@gmail.com

November 15th - 21st  INS.  Orama, Great Barrier Island, NZ.