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A number of people ask how they can support us financially.  This is a great encouragement to us.  We live by faith (like everyone!) in the sense that we are not paid centrally from Fatherheart Ministries and we seek to cover all our own expenses. We are often given gifts and donations when we have spoken at events in various countries.  A number of places we go to are not able to do that or their gifts, whilst they are given with love and great sacrifice, are not able to cover our costs in getting to the place. This is particularly true in Africa.  We believe we are not going to decide where we should be travelling based on income!  We want to go wherever Father opens a door for us. 

People have expressed that they want to help us to do this.  So here is how it 

Monthly Support.

We have some people who support us on a monthly basis. This is a really helpful way of supporting the ministry that God has called us too.  There are times when we are not "on the road" and it is at times like that when knowing there is monthly support promised and coming in is very helpful and encouraging. It enables us to have times to rest and recover knowing that our financial needs in those times are being covered to some degree. If you would consider supporting us on a monthly basis please contact us personally and we will direct you to the appropriate system. Contact  tlgminsus@gmail.com

                    Other ways of giving

For the USA.  We are incorporated as TLG Mins (US) Inc.

We have a US bank account  and a US PO Box. We can receive personal checks and these are paid into that personal account.  We can also receive donations into the Ministry account .  We have just received notification that we have been granted 501c3 non profit tax exemption (29 July 2014). Yay!   Tax receipts can now be issued by our our treasurer Debbie!!! We are very grateful to our friend Debbie Houde who handles these banking arrangements for us in the USA

Our US P.O. Box address is as follows:

PO BOX 6309, PORTSMOUTH, VA. 23703.  

Checks payable to T and L Galpin for personal gifts. 
Checks payable TLG Mins (US) Inc, for donations and gifts for use in mission situations. Tax receipts will be sent for donations to TLG Ministries (US).

To make a donation using Pay Pal click on the Donate button below. Please note this donation is made in US Dollars $.


For the UK and Europe.

We have a personal bank account in the UK with Barclays.  We can receive payments into this account. If you would like us to send you the bank details please email us for the information. 

For those who wish to "Gift Aid" any donation or support given, then Fatherheart Ministries has an account with Give.net a UK based Charity that handles donations for large numbers of charities and Christian Ministries. However it needs to be designated.  They are able to handle the tax on donations.  Mark Gyde manages our account with "Stripe". This can be done on line or by contacting Mark directly. Here is the link -Click here to go to the link.  The whole process can be anonymous if required.  

Here is Mark's email for personal contact   mark.gyde@gmail.com 

We can receive payments into our UK Bank account but you will need a swift code and IBAN number. We can send these to you. We cannot give Tax credits on these donations.  Email us and we will send you all the details. Our personal email is: trevorlinda226@gmail.com

                    Donations can be made using Pay Pal.  

Please note these donations go into our UK bank account and are in GB Pounds Stirling.



For New Zealand.

Gifts for our support can be made directly to Fatherheart Ministries in Taupo these gifts need to be designated in order to be put into our fund there.  Please contact Ray Risbridger for the information you need.  ray@fatherheart.net

We are very appreciative of all gifts that we receive. We know it represents a sacrifice and comes with love and prayer support. 

To all we say  THANK YOU and may Father richly bless you.

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