Sometimes we are asked what we do on our travels as part of Fatherheart Ministries.

We are the International Directors of Fatherheart World which is the network of people who have been impacted by the love of the Father through the ministry of Fatherheart Ministries.  We help people connect by often visiting them and setting up events in their area.  We also send out a bi monthly E-news letter of Fatherheart activities around the world.  This is very much a family network and we try to get people together when James and Denise, the founders and directors of Fatherheart Ministries are around.   Here is a glimpse of some of these events.
James Jordan speaking at Fatherheart World
 Gathering at Pilgrim Hall, UK.

If you want to join Fatherheart World send us an email. Click here to email us about joining.

We are also part of the FHM International Leadership Team with responsibilities that take us to many countries.  We are a faith based Ministry and look to God to provide for all our needs.

UK A School in Hemel Hempstead
Then we are Team Leaders for Fatherheart Ministries A Schools.  These are week long Schools held all over the world and are called Experiencing the Father's Love.

The goals of the schools are to give an opportunity to have a personal experience of the love that God the Father has for us.  Also to give the strongest Biblical understanding as possible of the place the Father has in the Christian life and walk.

State College, Pennsylvania, USA
The topics that we teach include.

Opening our hearts to Father.
The Biblical Revelation of God the Father.
God is our real Father.
Forgiving from the heart.
Having the heart of a son.
The Orphan spirit.
The nurturing, motherheart of Father God
Weakness, the power of sonship.
The Glorious Freedom of the sons of God.
Trevor teaching

We also lead and share alongside James and Denise Jordan at B Schools which are called Growing in Sonship.  These schools are for anyone who has completed a FHM A School anywhere in the world.

Here is the link to get full information about the Fatherheart Ministries A School and B Schools.
FHM A and B Schools Information and Dates

Here are some more pictures of Schools in 2012

Jinja, Uganda
Trevor and Belgium
Tea time in Tanzania School

Linda Teaching in Uganda

We also speak at Church meetings, Sunday Services, hold conferences and Church weekends and Going Deeper Fatherheart retreats, and try to have as much fun as possible.

Have a look at the Coming and Goings page which is our Itinerary for 2013.

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