Every year we lead conferences and Fatherheart Ministries A and B Schools in countries where the local conditions make it difficult for people to attend because of lack of finances. 

In recent years we have ministered at a number of events in Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya Hungary and Poland and latterly Haiti in the Caribbean.  These have been an amazing times when we have seen many people encounter the love of the Father.  The Schools we have conducted for the Deaf in Uganda were particularly challenging at the same time as being wonderful.  We are linked with our friend Gunnar Dehli from Norway who is the International Director of Deaf Ministries International (DMI) in conducting these events.

In 2018 we will be leading a B School for the deaf in Uganda, a joint hearing and deaf School in the Lebanon, then another School in Haiti, Uganda and the first time in a fully          multi-racial School in South Africa.

The giving of many friends have enabled us to sponsor many individuals and church leaders.  If you would like to support us in any way by helping us get to these Schools or sponsoring locals to attend the Schools then please contact Deb Houde in the USA howdydeb@charter.net  or Mark Gyde in the UK mark.gyde@gmail.com

We have opened a special fundraiser page for the August B Schools at this link -

 They can give you practical advice about where and how to make a donation.

Your support and partnership with us in these Mission situations is a wonderful encouragement for us.

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