Saturday, 14 March 2020

Please note the following cancellations

Due to the Covid 19 Virus, Linda and I will not be attending the following events, in most cases they are cancelled.  The A School in Harrisburg PA may continue but that will be a local decision. We however will be at home in Ropley in the UK resting, reading, writing and reflecting and waiting to see what happens next.

March 20th - 21st. CANCELLED  Fatherheart Conference, Buffalo, NY. USA.
Contact: Jim Emser.

March 22nd - 28th. CANCELLED FHM A School. Harrisburg, PA, USA.
Contact: Debbie Houde,

April 3rd - 4th. CANCELLED Fatherheart Conference, Washington, PA. USA.
Contact: Donna Lou Chapman.

April 20th - 25th. CANCELLED FHM A School for the Deaf. Beirut, Lebanon.
Contact: Gunnar Dehli

April 30th - May 4th. CANCELLED FH Conference. Mykosyn, Poland.
Contact:  Mark Gyde.

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